JEC closed its doors, marking for us another successful edition. This year’s show was again characterized by the sheer pleasure of connecting with customers, industry peers and witnessing a remarkable number of innovations across the exhibition floor. These discussions supported our core business and explored growth opportunities, further solidifying our position in the industry.

We are particularly thankful to our customers that helped us display through various commercial projects the capabilities of Telene thermoset resins in reactive injection molding and in fast low-pressure RTM for the making of composites.  Our products offer a solution to manufacture parts at a low carbon footprint molding process, designed for long-lasting uses of years, with benefits of lightweighting and durability.

One resounding theme that resonated throughout the conversations was the pressing need for sustainable solutions. As an industry leader, we are engaged in transitioning to more environmentally conscious practices. The topics of recyclability and environmental footprint are keys area of focus. We were delighted to explain to our partners and ecosystem how we intend to introduce technologies to convert a polydicyclopentadiene thermoset into a circular feedstock. We were also pleased to share the results of the life cycle analysis of our resins, and we are proud to see that Telene’s products emerge as one of the lowest carbon footprint material choices available.

We express our gratitude to all those who made this event a truly remarkable experience and hope to see you at a next event. Let’s continue fostering these connections and driving the industry towards a more impactful future.