Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers

pDCPD Highly Engineered Polymers

Telene (dicyclopentadiene) thermosetting resins are widely used around the world in commercial and industrial applications, including body panels for cars, trucks, buses and all types of off-highway equipment. Telene is waterproof and highly resistant to acid, alkali and abrasive substances, making it ideal for wastewater treatment uses, sewage plants, pipeline valves, filters and more.

Prototyping with Production Grade Properties

Hand pouring or machine casting of final or near-net geometries for field testing prototypes, with Telene 1800 series.

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Case Study: Individual Wastewater Treatment

Lightweight, durable, easy-to-assemble, perfect surface mating for leak-free performance for decades with Telene.

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Case Study: 30" Butterfly Valve For Chemical Plant

30" Butterfly Valve – Impermeability and leak-free sealing in a part 200mm thick and 30" in diameter? Telene’s the answer.

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Case Study: Allmand Lite Pro

Replacing steel parts with one-piece design eliminates vibration, noise issues. Complex mold elements handled with Telene.

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