Telene® is a pioneer in dicyclopentadiene-based formulations, with roots that go back to the early 80’s when scientists in the Hercules and BFGoodrich labs made breakthrough inventions utilizing metathesis chemistry to produce a new polymer: Polydicyclopentadiene. Since that time, Telene® scientists and engineers have been at the forefront of improvements and global implementation this dynamic product.

Today, Telene® is a lean, multicultural, inclusive organization, where everyone is ready to roll up their sleeves and contribute in any capacity necessary. With customer centricity as its essence, the Telene® team works tirelessly on product and application development while delivering competitive performance advantages to our customers.

The Telene® ecosystem includes high-performance partners and alliances in a variety of activities. such as logistics, R&D institutes and universities, and equipment, paint, adhesive and reinforcement suppliers. We are proud to have molding companies as customers, offering the market excellent polymer products. Telene® is fortunate to be part of Zeon Corporation, manufacturer of ultrahigh purity dicyclopentadiene, the raw material for the Telene® formulations.

Telene SAS & Rimtec are part of the Zeon Group.

Mission Statement

  • Global leader of DCPD resins reaching our full potential through an agile, global, multicultural team
  • Exceed customer and OEM expectations by providing best in class solutions and support, thereby creating enthusiastic proponents of Telene® DCPD resins and processes
  • Offering top-performers as high-tech and international workplace with inclusive (family) culture
  • Being honest, demonstrating teamwork spirit and taking responsability in join effort with all partner.

Our Values

  1. Dialogue and Compassion
  2. Challenge and Perseverance
  3. Passion
  4. Customer Centric
  5. Team Work and Partnership
  6. Improvement by learning from others
  7. Think global Act local