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Prototyping with pDCPD for Faster Time-to-Market

Proof of concept – that’s what prototyping is all about. The faster we can demonstrate the capabilities of Telene to you on a representative part with our polymer, the better.

That’s why we’ve developed Telene 1800 Series polymers. This unique formulation allows molding of large and complex parts. Telene 1800 Series makes it possible to either mold accurate geometries or cast near-net shapes that are machine-finished afterward. It’s easy to process, from hand-pouring to machine casting, and has the low density, high impact resistance, smooth surface and good electrical properties of traditional Telene products formed using the RIM process.

Production spec models of a part or assembly can now be molded that incorporate the actual properties of series-grade Telene systems for field-testing or marketing-grade parts.

Program costs are minimized due to simplicity of setup and processing.
Courtesy IFREMER, France