Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers

Innovative Technologies

Telene 1800 series formulas have an exceptionally low viscosity, which adapts to a wide variety of processing techniques, from hand pouring to machine casting. They are designed to overcome sensitivity to moisture and oxygen, and have a highly adjustable curing time.

Our customers utilize Telene 1800 in our prototyping, as it allows them to readily create low-cost parts in a rapid time frame for marketing presentations. These prototype parts have the same dimensional and structural characteristics as standard Telene formulations, so they are excellent for field-testing.

Telene 1800 has excellent adhesion properties, creating a chemical weld that allows for the construction of monoblock parts in excess of 6m in length.

It also has a low dielectric constant with high breakdown voltage, making Telene excellent for the encapsulation of electrical devices such as MRI machines.

Telene 1811 has a lower viscosity, and its parts are created predominantly with a hard-casting process.

Telene 1810 is slightly more viscous, and is better-suited to machine-casting.

Courtesy IFREMER, France