Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers

RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)


A tremendous range of products can be designed with lightweight yet impervious Telene resins. Telene can be processed on commercial, standard RIM equipment, saving on tooling costs and reducing cycle times versus other small- and medium-series processes such as hand lay-up, RTM, rotomoulding, vaccum forming, etc. Molds are typically made from machined or cast aluminum.

Telene is a polymer created by the injection of two components formulated with high-purity DCPD monomer pumped into a high-pressure, self-cleaning mix head. The mixed resin enters the mold at low pressure in a controlled exothermic reaction that solidifies in a matter of seconds. A good nitrogen blanketing with minimal exposure to oxygen and moisture is necessary.

Telene provides for a smooth finish, but some trimming and cleaning are usually required before painting a part. Telene processing allows for high production speeds with 4- to 6-minute cycle times.

Telene RIM Processing