Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers



Flexibility and strength, rapid processing and a Class A surface finish at a competitive price make Telene a superior choice for transportation designers.

The flow characteristics adapt easily to everything from small components in a sub-assembly to large-scale body panels. If desired, Telene can even be used to overmold inserts and other functions.

Telene and the RIM process allow you to design to varying thicknesses, as thin as 3mm (1/10") and greater than 200mm. The high-quality surface achieved has excellent adhesion capabilities, and is easy to paint for a Class A finish. The low-pressure process allows lower-cost tooling and cycle times compatible with medium- to high-series volume production.

The result is a body panel or component that is cost-effective to mass-produce, has excellent appearance characteristics and is lightweight and impact-resistant. That’s why Telene SAS body panels are found on everything from motorcoaches to "green" commuter cars to articulated dump trucks – all around the globe.

IVECO do Brasil is an excellent example of how our innovative chemistry is working for one transportation designer.

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