Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers



Telene is tough enough to withstand gravel impacts and weather conditions in any construction zone, anywhere. Its stability over time makes it ideal for products that last for decades.

It allows one-piece manufacturing with reduced weight, encapsulation of fasteners and vibration resistance versus conventional multipart designs using steel.

Plus, the fact that Telene is easy to paint allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily differentiate products for the rental market or different equipment models.

Whether it’s a lightweight body panel that helps a mixer carry more concrete, an articulated dump truck that is constantly bombarded with gravel, asphalt and road chemicals, or a portable light tower that has to protect sensitive components, Telene offers the properties customers are looking for.

Telene has the manufacturing flexibility to allow engineers to create large, complex structures (such as a hood) in a monoblock design.

Telene – innovative chemistry that gives industrial engineers the freedom to take something good and make it great.

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