Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers



Resistance to acids and alkalies, along with excellent sealing capacity, makes Telene ideal for butterfly valves and water treatment screens with constant exposure to harsh environments.

You would expect a polymeric thermoset resin to be waterproof. Telene goes beyond that, with long-term resistance to acids and bases – a fact that’s been proven in more than 20 years' worth of constant exposure in severe chlor-alkali applications.

From a design standpoint, the low-pressure RIM process enables the use of complex design geometries such as these found in these water clarification screens.

In addition to high chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance, Telene has another valuable property: it has excellent adhesion to polyolefins such as PE and PP, and is able to reliably overmold inserts, which is why it is used to create multimaterial components.

Unlike many competitive resin systems, Telene can be utilized in large, thick blocks with complete structural integrity as evidenced by those 30"-40" valve designs.

This technical document (in PDF form), Telene Chemical Resistance, is available without registration, and will give you a more detailed description of how Telene’s innovative chemistry can help industrial designers keep corrosives under control.

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