Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers

Put Telene To Work For You


Telene resin systems are highly engineered thermosets widely used around the world in commercial and industrial applications, including medium-series body panels for cars, trucks and buses and other automotive applications as well as all types of off-highway equipment, including agriculture and construction machinery.

Telene is waterproof and highly resistant to acid, alkali and abrasive substances, with anti-corrosive properties that make it ideal for wastewater treatment uses, sewage plants, pipeline valves, filters and more.

Telene parts are formed in low-pressure molds by the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process, which will be self-releasing in most cases. This keeps tooling costs low and cycle times short.

Telene systems can be modified to allow intended part specifics, such as long flow patterns with reduced thickness, part size and very thick walls.

Plus, we have the capability to prototype Telene parts in a matter of weeks versus months –just another way that our innovative chemistry for designers works better for you.

Check out some of the unique applications for Telene from other markets, including residential uses and medical equipment.