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Anti-Corrosion Case Studies

30” Butterfly Valve For Chemical Plant

For years, valves used for desalination plants, wastewater treatment facilities and chemical producers have been made of lined steel. Heavy and expensive, they met the requirement for dimensional stability, resistance to harsh chemicals, sealing capability and long life expectancy.

The end user wanted to see if our Telene polymer could be used instead of steel, to lower overall costs while maintaining or improving on performance specifications.

It was a daunting challenge, as the very thick (200 mm) and large part would need to be molded with absolute structural integrity.

Our Italian customer Chem Tech took the design parameters, created test molds, produced the parts, assembled and tested them to the client’s satisfaction in just 3 months. The finished product is the largest-ever polymer-based valve of its kind. Cost and performance objectives have been met, and we have since received requests for 40” butterfly valves have been requested.

Water Clarification Screen

These large, funnel-shaped devices are used in water treatment facilities and manufacturing plants to filter out contaminants. Numerous slots and ribs on this highly complex design have traditionally been made out of stainless steel, a costly fabrication process that resulted in a finished filter that was too heavy for a single individual to lift and maintain. But there was no good alternative – until now.

Telene has demonstrated that a mold can be created that will faithfully reproduce all of the complex part geometries utilizing a RIM process. Telene "self-releases” from the mold, so there’s little to no extra finishing needed. This single-piece design weighs just 21 pounds (10 kgs), allowing it to be handled easily by a single person.

The combination of excellent anti-corrosive properties, weight reduction and reduced manufacturing cost have resulted in strong acceptance and demand for the Telene Water Clarification screen from industrial plant managers and water treatment experts in municipalities alike.

Chem-Tech Engineering Testimony

Chem-Tech Engineering has been operating for over twenty years in the design and construction of plants for the chemical field and in the design and fabrication of equipments which need to withstand particularly critical service conditions. In this specific area Chem-Tech has focused on treatment of gaseous effluents and electrolytic production of chlorine and its derived compounds.

For our particular activity it has always been very important to use a material with superior chemical characteristics and mechanical resistance and to benefit from the technical and commercial support of the company Telene SAS that has constantly assisted us in our projects’ developments.

Chem-Tech has been using DCPD based Telene formulations since 1993. This particular thermosetting resin allows us to design and produce each equipment in every detail, taking into account the specific service conditions. This enables us to offer to the customer all the necessary construction guarantees according to the standards of the country in which the plant will be installed.

Our 20 year track record of technical and innovative engagement has led to many leading chemical companies worldwide appreciating DCPD based Telene resins’ properties.

Telene is now definitely an established point of reference for the applications where Chem-Tech has always offered this advanced technical solution.