Telene - Innovative chemistry for designers

Construction Case Study

Allmand Lite Pro Enclosure Panels

Steel is a backbone of the construction industry, but has significant limitations.

The inconsistencies of steel fabrication, excessive weight, and inherent vibration and noise led Allmand to search for an alternative for enclosure panels surrounding the engine/generator package used to power their portable light towers.

Our design challenge was to demonstrate how threaded inserts could be encapsulated into the design, and how our DCPD material could enable significant variations in the thickness.

Telene proved to be the ideal solution. Along with our molding partner, it was demonstrated to Allmand how the low viscosity and high flow characteristics of Telene filled complex mold elements such as threaded inserts and intricate part geometries -- eliminating the need for complex and costly multi-part steel fabrication with a single molded part.

Allmand customers viewed the new design as a significant upgrade, as it eliminated concerns about dents and corrosion, reduced noise during operation and made it easier to raise the panels for access to the engine and generator system.

The success of this project has Allmand looking for additional opportunities to replace traditional steel panels in their construction equipment.